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Best laid plans and all that…

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Other Stuff | Posted on 15-03-2011


Just in case you thought I’d fell off the end of the world, I thought I’d better post something and in case you’re asking  Is Maurice still a work in progress? The answer is yes! He’s fine, thanks for asking but I’ve slacked off – due to crummy weather and other things that had to take priority.


Anyhoo, I booked a day annual leave to finally waxoyl the underside of the car, I bought the Waxoyl in December, it’s been sitting in the dining room ever since. No.7 has a vehicle lift which is perfect for the job meaning I can stand comfortably under the car and get easy access. Armed and ready I toddled along at 10am this morning only to find out that the water supply was off at the unit – the underside of the car needs jet washing before the Waxoyl is applied, so no water was a bit of a bummer. We couldn’t really complain at the landlord’s lack of ability to come and fix it as he’s not long fell off a ladder and broke both his legs. Call me churlish but I think he has a few more important problems of his own :)

So, was it a wasted morning? No – I got to see the underside of Maurice for the first time and he’s in very good nick. A good clean and the Waxoyl should bring it up a treat. I also spotted a small hole in the front pipe of the exhaust, so I can go looking for a replacement and get that done when he’s next on the ramp. The engine got a thorough checking for leaks and he also got an oil change. All in all he’s in great condition, albeit still a bit cosmetically challenged – so the Waxoyl will be a job for a bit later and I’m going to do some more prettifying jobs so he’s looks pucker for the summer.

So now you’re up to date with what I haven’t been doing. You’ll be glad to know I have had a stern word with myself and have started work on Maurice again.

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To be fair, the weather hasn’t been the best for getting this sort of work done, so you can be forgiven.

Glad to hear your MX% is in good condition underneath. It could have been so much worse!! Happy days!! :-)

Cheers Dave – it couldn’t have been much better! Stonking little motors these cars – one week buried under snow and it started first time with a roar. Love my MX5 :)

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