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Give a damn…Giveacar

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Recycling | Posted on 06-05-2011


Cars, they’re a bit like kids; great when they’re doing what they should be doing but when they keep acting up and costing you a packet you want to give them away :) Luckily for me when I was a kid and for Maurice, it wasn’t an option. Had savvy, young graduate Tom Chance had his idea for donating end of life cars to charity a year earlier, my smurfmobile might have had a different ending to his days. If you have no option but to scrap an MX5 (I know some of you do and I dislike you intensely for it) then I’ll let Daniel from Giveacar explain why you should give them a call (and I’ll like you all over again :) )

Obviously you want to keep your Mazda running as long as possible but unfortunately one day it may become so worn out that you can no longer run it and on that sad day you’ll have to decide which option is best for disposing of it. Now there is a new way, instead of just scrapping it you can donate it to charity and we’ll ensure that your chosen charity gets the best value possible from it.

Tom Chance of Giveacar

Since Giveacar has started we have been proud to receive 56 Mazdas, one generous soul even donated one in such good condition it raised £1,122 for Action for Children at auction. In fact with an average donation of just over £100 a car Mazdas are amongst the best donations that we receive. (For comparison the average donation is around £80.) Probably in part due to the number of Mazda enthusiasts looking to buy parts!

We raise money in two, arguably three, ways. If we are given a car that is too old or damaged, like most of them are, then we scrap it with one of our contractors.  If the car is more modern or recent then we send it to a car salvage auction or even to a proper car auction. The idea behind this tier system is, obviously, to raise the maximum amount for the donor’s choice of charity. This approach also allows us to ensure that we take the most environmental approach to car disposal.

If the car is scrapped then it is taken by one of our contractors. These are ones we have selected as giving us the best value, but are also fully registered with the environment agency. This means that each car is depolluted by having all hazardous chemicals taken away and non-metallic parts removed before the body is crushed and sold onto a scrap metal processor. Likewise tires are usually shredded and sold on to act as filler material for a wide range of purposes such as flooring for sports halls and embankments.

Car being scrapped

In contrast cars sold at salvage auctions are often brought by enthusiasts to be restored to working condition. Though some are broken up and sold for parts. This stands in contrast to normal auctions where the car is simply sold on to the highest bidder. Either way our contractors ensure that the change of ownership is registered with the DVLA and we do our best to get the best value.

We will happily donate to any charity registered in the UK. So for example even though the NSPCC isn’t on our charities list we will still accept donations for them and give them the same value. Those charities which are registered with us get some additional advertising by being on our site and it allows us to process their donations more quickly than otherwise.

If like me, you have paid to have a car scrapped and the watch as it travels off on the back of a lorry only to realise there’s still 30 quids worth of fuel in the tank and gone DOH! I would have been a whole lot happier knowing every available pound would be squeezed out and given to a cause I personally supported. So, now’s your chance – a quick call to Giveacar on 020 0011 1164 could give your old banger a new lease of life.

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