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Give a damn...GiveacarGive a damn...Giveacar Cars, they're a bit like kids; great when they're doing what they should be doing but when they keep acting up and costing you a packet you want to give them away :) Luckily for me when I was a kid and...


24 top tips for winter driving24 top tips for winter driving I don't know about you but I'm hoping for another Winter like the last one! I love the snow and I like driving in it too. So in anticipation of another long spell of deep snow covered roads, icy corners...


Have a free guide to buying a used MX5 on me...Have a free guide to buying a used MX5 on me... My smurf coloured MX5 is up and running again and beginning to shape up nicely - finally :)  There have been quite a few problems that could have been avoided if I'd had a bit more knowledge earlier on...


How to replace your soft top in two and a half hours...How to replace your soft top in two and a half hours... If it's the first time you've ever replaced the vinyl hood on your MX5, the bads news is you'll probaly need a weekend. On the other hand, if you've a bit of extra cash to hand you can call in The Soft...


How to improve an MX5 – wrap it in sunshine!How to improve an MX5 – wrap it in sunshine! When I suggested to a friend I was going to Union Jack Maurice, he said 'Why don't you wrap him?' I immediately thought how do you wrap a car? How many rolls of gift wrap would it take, can you get bows...


What you need to know about engine oil…

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Engine, Servicing | Posted on 12-08-2010


Changing the oil on my cars is something I’ve never done before; I should have because it’s so easy and is probably the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your engine; keeping it running efficiently and prevent nasty disasters that can end up costing you a small fortune. Think of [...]

How to change the oil on your MX5

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Servicing | Posted on 03-08-2010


While I’m waiting for my replacement V5 to show in the post so I can get Maurice road taxed, I thought I’d finish the service I started six months ago when he went slightly kaputt! I’d still yet to change the oil and the oil filter, so that’s how I’ve spent my afternoon. You should [...]

Replacing the air flow meter…

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Servicing | Posted on 19-03-2010


First a big thank you to the guys at MX5 Heaven for the speedy delivery of my replacement air flow meter (AFM) at the bargain price of £55.00 delivered. Even better, it still had a new air filter in it, so that’s a few extra quids worth of kit! I am fed up waiting for [...]

Changing the sparkplugs on an MX5

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Servicing | Posted on 04-03-2010


Today’s the day I begin in earnest – the sun is shining and I’m kitted out. Maurice has almost croaked and just managed to limp pathetically up the driveway this morning – it’s a sad sight on such a beautiful day. Anywho, crap happens as they say – no whizzing around with the top down for me today – bummer :(

Changing the air filter on an MX5

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Servicing | Posted on 24-02-2010


Okay – now, thanks to Royal Mail, I’m in possession of four shiny new spark plugs, an oil filter, an air filter, a fuel filter and a sump washer – whatever that is. I got them as a kit from MX5 Heaven at the very good price of 30 quid delivered. I decide to change [...]

Windscreen wipers – a quick 30 second job – not!

Posted by Maurice | Posted in Servicing | Posted on 03-02-2010


Okay – I thought I’d start with something easy. Wiper blades – can’t get much easier than that! The motors run fine so there’s no need to replace those – I just need to decide on some blades. Did I mention, that being decisive is not one of my strong points? Stick me in a [...]